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Sometimes the best-laid plans fail and clients find themselves leaving behind a vacant, unsold house in Calgary.

We can help.  We check vacant houses on the market as frequently as the owner’s home insurance policy dictates.  For insurance purposes, we check that the house is secure, flyers are collected, walks are cleared, lower-level window coverings are in place, the furnace is running, and water is not leaking from potential sources.

We collect the realtor cards that accumulate on kitchen counters, turn off the lights that are accidentally left on, close the blinds that are inadvertently left open by house hunters, and reactivate alarms that may have unintentionally been forgotten.  If the house is being shown when we arrive, we will come back later.  A quick email to let us know of a scheduled open house and we will stay away.  We do our best to minimize the appearance that the homeowners are elsewhere while the house is on the market.

Consider a referral to our house sitting service if you have a client in this rough spot.

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