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Escaping Calgary for warmer climates?  Congratulations!  Leaving your home empty for many months during the winter requires a bit of forethought.  Here are a few issues to consider.


Contact your insurance company and find out what you must do to ensure your specific home insurance policy terms are met.


Contact your security company to let them know you will be away and that a house sitter will have access to your property during that time.


If you choose to turn off your main water supply, consider draining the pipes by leaving a tap open.  Some clients prefer to leave the water on, especially if there are plants to be watered.  If you leave your water on, for long term clients we run all the taps and flush the toilets about once a week, just to keep some water in the pipes.  We can also run the dishwasher and washing machine through a rinse cycle, if you like.


Most of our snowbird clients prefer to use a separate, same-day snow removal service, especially if house checks are scheduled only once or twice a week.


You would be surprised at how much mail can accumulate over a winter!  For security, consider providing a bin or laundry basket in which to store the mail.  Think about a place to keep the bin that is not visible through a window.

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