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Calgary House Sitting Service

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Feel happy to be home again!  Come home to a warm house and a fridge stocked with fresh milk, bread, fruit and eggs for your first meal back home.  Or come home to your favourite beverage in the fridge so you can relax on the deck with a snack before tackling the laundry.

Let us pick up a few essentials to get you through your first day home.

House Warming Service

Depending on the season, we can enhance your return home by:

  1. Turning up your thermostat a few hours before your scheduled arrival.  When you walk in, your house will be toasty.

  2. Turning on your ceiling fans, air conditioner, or cracking a few windows.  When you walk in, your house will not be stuffy.

  3. Grocery shopping for 10 items from one location.  Additional items or locations are negotiable.

House Warming Services

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