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Hiring a house sitter raises a lot of questions.  We get it.  You are entrusting one of your biggest assets to us.

Why should we trust you in our house?

Our primary house checker is a responsible, reliable, mature individual who is great in a crisis.  She has a pristine police record and is a non-practicing member of the Law Society of Alberta.  Our secondary house checkers also have sparkling backgrounds.  Supporting documents and references are available upon request.

Why should I hire a house sitter when my neighbour could do it?

It is wonderful to have an acquaintance willing to help you while you are gone, but why impose on a friendship?  We are guaranteed to show up and we will not ask you to look in on our place when we go out of town.

Won’t everybody know I’m away when they see your service car in my driveway?

We do not conduct house checks in a marked car.

What do past clients have to say?


My husband and I were in the process of moving overseas and had hoped to sell our house well before that time.  No such luck - and with just over three weeks to go we had some serious things to take care of...

To Do:

Scheduled the movers ... check

Booked flights ... check

Forwarded mail ... check

Someone to watch the house ... uh oh!

A quick run through the usual suspects:

Family ... in Edmonton

Friends ... live too far away

Neighbours ... sure, but this could take months

Now what?

Call Home Again Calgary House Sitting of course!  Being in somewhat of a unique situation, my husband called to check things out and Kathryn was more than happy to help.  What a relief!  I met with Kathryn to go over details and knew instantly that we would be in good hands.  She was thorough, professional, and most importantly, one of the nicest people I’ve ever met!  And with being out of the country she was also a lifesaver in helping us manage a few surprises.  We can’t thank Kathryn enough and highly recommend Home Again for house sitting, long or short term!

-Mike & Michelle

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