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Have a relaxing vacation with the peace of mind that comes from knowing a professional house sitter is taking care of everything at home.

Most home insurance policies do not cover damage done to a vacant home unless the house was regularly inspected during the time the damage occurred.  Nobody wants to be welcomed home from holidays with a flooded basement and a restoration bill.

We check your house regularly so you will return to a house full of happy pets, healthy houseplants, and your mail waiting on the kitchen table.  If the worst happens, we notify you and then handle the situation on your behalf.

Standard House Check includes:

  1. ◊  A visual security inspection of all windows and doors.

  2. ◊  A walk-through inside the house on all floors.  We check bathrooms, water heaters, and the laundry area for signs of flooding.  We check the pilot light in the furnace and on gas fireplaces.  We use a flashlight to ensure a thorough check.

  3. ◊  Adjustment of window coverings, as requested, to make the house appear occupied.

  4. ◊  We can install our timers on your lamps, as requested, to make the house appear occupied.

  5. ◊  Light snow removal from sidewalks and driveway.

  6. ◊  Collecting mail, newspapers and fliers.

  7. ◊  Starting vehicles in the winter, as requested.

  8. ◊  Watering house plants and outdoor plants, as instructed.

  9. ◊  Feeding fish and similar low-maintenance pets.

  10. ◊  A daily Service Record is left in the house to verify the services provided.

Heavy Snowfall Removal Option

Light snow removal (less than 5cm) is part of our standard package.  For heavy snowfall removal, a  refundable deposit is required.  If there are no heavy snowfalls during your absence your deposit will be returned.

If there is a record-breaking weather event while you are gone, well, lucky you!


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